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Moviebox Pro 2023 [Free & VIP] the latest version ready to download Android. iOS, Mac, Windows, Apple & Android TV, Fire TV Stick & MI box.

moviebox pro 2023

Movies and TV Shows are two pleasures that most of us indulge in at our leisure. Thanks to the ever-changing realm of technology, we are blessed to access and view these media in several ways. The most common method of such entertainment is streaming Movies and Shows online. Now we have dozens of premium services, apps, and devices to enjoy a plethora of content without hassle.

You may prefer subscription-based services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, or you want everything for free and therefore always on the hunt for great free Movie Apps. In this post, however, we focus on the latter, more specifically, Moviebox Pro. It is a pioneering free Movie App for Android and iOS devices and has evolved to serve more systems and devices with loads of exciting features and cinema content. Moviebox Pro 16.0 Latest Version has been released with new developments, and we hope to bring them to you in this article.

Moviebox Pro 2023 App Specifications

App NameMoviebox Pro
VersionVersion 16.0
File Size63.24 MB
DeveloperMoviebox Pro™

Moviebox Pro 2023 Latest Version Download

Moviebox Pro latest version has a lot of new features for compatible devices. Follow our Moviebox Pro App Download link to get it latest version for free.

One App – Many Roles

Moviebox Pro delivers a resource-rich experience in terms of Movie and TV Show materials. It is home to cinema genres such as Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Documentary, Biography, and even TV Show content such as Reality, Talk shows, and Sitcoms. It hosts both TV Series and TV Shows and also Movie Trailers. Apart from Android and iOS, this app works on multiple platforms, such as Windows/Mac PCs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and FireStick, MI box.

Movie box Pro is also the first free movie app to release a standalone Windows/Mac client that can run without emulator support on a computer. Moviebox Pro extends its functionality to Roku/MiBox/Xbox and other consoles without compatibility issues. You can watch movies and TV Shows online via the app, or you can also download them to view offline.

Moviebox Pro 2023 Best Features

  • Watch or download thousands of Movies and TV shows on your Smart Phone, Tablet, Phablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows/Mac, and TV devices.
  • There is no need for registration on the Moviebox Pro app
  • It is possible to stream content in 360p,480p,720p, and 1080p full HD qualities.
  • The VIP version is available for USD 3.99 per month, and it unlocks premium features such as ad-free streaming, Higher Definition including 4K and 8K UHD, and multiple device streaming
  • Moviebox Pro has a friendly interface, making it easy for all users to interact, navigate and explore content and the app itself.
  • The app has built-in options to save, bookmark, share content, and keep track of your streaming activity.
  • It is easy to discover your favorite media with an array of filters such as rating, type, year, country, and resolution.
  • You are constantly updated with new Movies and Shows as they are released; you will be notified through the app.
  • Experience minimal waiting time with high-speed CDN downloads.
  • You can access all cinema material without restriction. Regional limitations do not apply to Moviebox Pro, and streaming is accessible worldwide.
  • No risk to your installed device as there is no jailbreak or rooting is required.
  • Multiple language subtitles are available for a wide range of viewers.
  • Speed Adjustment and Sharing Options for enhanced interaction with the content
  • H265 latest encoding technology is used for compact size with higher definition
  • Kid Mode restricts and filters adult content, creating an age-appropriate streaming environment for children

Moviebox Pro – The Netflix of Free Movie Apps

Movie box Pro actively updates its database with the latest Movies and TV Shows, discarding stale old content. A reason to love this app is that it is always fresh with trending, popular, and on-demand Movies and Shows similar to premium services like Netflix. Moviebox Pro comprises a massive database of media that exceeds 30000+ content. It does not host all these media on a private server for the clients but fundamentally operates as a link aggregator.

Here it connects with third-party servers that host user-requested content and display them on app’s video player. All the legal aspects of the content thus distributed become the host’s responsibility. You will find that Moviebox Pro is easy to use due to its smooth and well-organized design. The interface is not cluttered or overloaded with unnecessary features, and you will experience as though you are using the premium app

Delve Deep into a Satisfying Streaming Session

You can browse through the app’s various sections to find your desired content conveniently. If you have a particular movie or show in mind, you can rely on the app’s search tool to find it. Below the search tools, you will observe a list of trending searches when you use the app. You can narrow your cinema exploration by using filters such as Type, Sort By, Movie Ratings, Resolution, Year, Genre, Country, or Region.

These sorting tools will save time and make your app experience more meaningful. It is also remarkable that Moviebox Pro is loaded with news related to Film Festivals & Awards. It includes a daily hot list, weekly hot list, Top List, and A Grade selection from Premium subscriptions. Further, you can create your own Movie/TV Show library by adding and saving them in a list. TV Guide is another productive feature that helps you keep track of TV Shows/Series you love to watch.

Feature-Rich App with Detailed Sections

Moviebox Pro has an interface that any film buff falls in love with at first glance. It is bright and vivid with all the exciting Movie/TV Show Thumbnails. In other terms, the posters are catchy, and you can’t help but click on them. The homepage comprises four sections: Featured, Movies, TV Shows, and TV Guide. Featured contains a mix of movies and TV Shows, whereas Movie and TV Show sections are exclusively dedicated to their respective content.

Clicking on a movie or TV show’s poster takes you to a new page where you can learn more about the film or show, add it to your favorites, watch trailers, read reviews, and report any issues. Moviebox Pro allows dozens of app customizations and personalization inputs from the user. If you want to change interface settings, you can check what is allowed in the setting section of the app. These modifications include Language, Player Engine, Email, Download Location, and ORG quality.

Some Exquisite Facilities of Moviebox Pro 2023

Apart from the above options, there are exclusive commands like Child Mode, Play Next Episode Automatically, Select Subtitle Automatically, Download Data Using Cellular, etc. Movie box Pro offers a VIP subscription which we cannot brush aside. Yes, the purpose of this article is to focus on the cost-free aspect of Moviebox Pro, yet it feels like a lack to not pay attention to what we are missing without VIP, at least briefly. So what benefits does Moviebox Pro VIP bring? First, it eliminates annoying advertising, which is persistent on the app.

It unlocks the High-Definition status of all Movies and TV Shows you watch; there is a condition that regular users can watch under 720P. By subscribing to VIP, you can access the full range of definitions, including 360p, 480p, 720p,1080p, 4K UHD 8K UHD with Dolby Digital Sounds. With Moviebox Pro VIP, you can watch movies and TV shows on more platforms, including the web, iPad, and Apple TV. You can purchase a plan for USD 1.99 per month, which is very low compared to other subscription-based services.

Moviebox Pro 2023 Latest Update Features

  1. Support Smart Download.
  2. Fixed: Can’t delete things I’ve downloaded.
  3. Support solid black background.
  4. Can’t the trailer playback issue set.
  5. Fix can’t load details about TV shows when the screen is in landscape mode.
  6. Optimized skip opening and ending.
  7. Fixes for other Android crashes.

Be Confident Using Moviebox Pro with Dual-Layer Security

Most users question the safety of using Moviebox Pro. This app is one of the most secure free movie apps, as the developers have taken significant precautions to prevent user exploitation. In order to access Moviebox Pro for the first time, you must sign in with your Google account, and you must also have an invitation code. Without performing these two steps, you will not be able to use Moviebox Pro. This strategy prevents bots, fraudulent users, and other harmful entities from breaching Movie box Pro.

You can get the invitation code from a friend with Moviebox Pro or send a message to the developers via social media. It is also notable that Movie box Pro doesn’t involve any rooting or jailbreaking to install on Android or iOS devices. Even though this app is free, it is highly responsive and fast. You will notice its robustness if you have a good internet connection. The Free Servers are somewhat slow, but you can manage to watch your favorite flick.

Moviebox Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Is MovieBox Pro still working?

A – Moviebox was shut down in 2018, but Moviebox Pro was soon established to replace it. It has been working ever since. You can use Moviebox Pro on both Android and iOS

Is there Moviebox Pro Plus Plus?

A – The modified versions of Moviebox Pro that originate outside the official source can not be held accountable. Using Moviebox Pro Plus Plus versions can even be harmful to your devices. It is advisable to stay away from them no matter how tempting they appear.

What is better than Moviebox Pro?

A – There are a host of other free movie apps such as Mediabox HD, Zinitevi APK , and Astoncine that you can try as alternatives.

Is Moviebox Pro Safe?

A – Moviebox Pro is one of the safest free movie apps. The app can only be accessed with Google sign-in and an exclusive invitation code. This eliminates harmful entities from breaching the platform.

Final Thoughts

Moviebox Pro is once in a lifetime app that you should never miss. You can even replace your current premium subscription and go for the VIP version of this excellent app. Its extensive database covering dozens of interesting genres is a fit for all. Moviebox Pro will entice you with its dynamic updates and enhanced features. At one point, the developers had to terminate the app due to legal complications.

This was when it was called Moviebox. However, the intense demand from the users did not die, so Moviebox was reborn as Moviebox Pro. Now it continues to flourish, and users are blessed with new facilities. In terms of popularity, Movie box Pro beats its competition, and they have a long way to go before they can surpass Movie box Pro. We hope to bring all the exciting updates of Movie box Pro and keep you informed on time. You can follow the below links to download Moviebox Pro 2023 on your Android or iOS device.

How to Install Moviebox Pro by AltStore?

Moviebox Pro AltStore – MovieBox Pro is a third-party tweaked and modified entertainment app version where you can enjoy additional features compared to the other entertainment apps. It allows users to stream the latest and updated Movies and TV Shows on their iPhone, iPad devices.

moviebox pro altstore

It will also allow to download Movies and other stuff to watch them when users are offline. You can download original MovieBox Pro app via our website or by visiting official MovieBox Pro website. You can watch Movies or TV Shows without any Ads.

Download MovieBox Pro For iPhone/ iPad Without Jailbreak

AlterStore is one of the best way to download third-party apps for iDevices. You can easily download & install MovieBox Pro with this AltStore method. No need to jailbreak with this, it is different kind of online third party application installation method only for iOS devices.

AltStore installation method requires some facts to install MovieBox Pro. Such as, MovieBox Pro IPA file, Windows/MAC pc, iTunes/iCloud should be installed to the Computer and need an Apple device.

AltServer is compatible with MAC & Windows running platforms. You can download direct download AltStore for Windows or AltStore for MAC by clicking here. MovieBox Pro IPA file can download from our official website.

MovieBox Pro Install with AltStore

Download .ipa file – moviebox pro download

Download AltServer for Windows – click here

Download AltServer for MAC- click here

  • First use the direct download link provided here to download AltStore for your PC.
  • If you can install iTunes/ iCloud to your PC, it will easy to run AltStore on your device PC.
  • Connect both PC & iDevice together and then install AltStore application for your iDevice.
  • Open AltStore on your iDevice and tap on “ My Apps “ option.
  • Then tap Plus sign appear in upper left corner in the application and select the MovieBox Pro downloaded file.
  • Then you need to enter Apple ID & Password when it ask.
  • Use the guideline appears on the screen and continue the installation process.
  • It will take few minutes and finally you will see the MovieBox Pro app on your device screen.

Features of MovieBox Pro iOS

  • Modified, developed latest version of the MovieBox Pro available to download.
  • Clean UI, easy to navigate.
  • Simple interface and don’t need coding knowledge or any other skill full talent to use this app.
  • Free movies available to download from any quality.
  • Live streaming is also available.
  • No Ads while watching Movies.
  • No more Skips.

MovieBox Pro Available iDevices

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 9, iPhone 9 Pro, iPhone 9 Pro Max, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S,iPhone 6Se, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch.

Movie Box Pro Available iOS Versions

iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and their sub versions.


MovieBox is the most popular and most wanted Movie streaming app for apple users which allows to Download or Stream their favorite Movies, TV Shows for free. MovieBox Pro contains additional features compared to the original basic free version.

Firstly this app was created only for Android users, later developers created this MovieBox Pro for iDevices also. No any revoking problems with AltStore installation procedure. You must remember to refresh application every seven weeks. This can do with opening app and tapping on refresh option.

MovieBox can install easily without jailbreaking devices and safe to install. No any app changes happened with this safe method. If you have any trouble with this AltStore method, then use KFPanda or Sideloady or Cydia Impactor methods. All those methods can be trusted well.

MovieBox Pro Android TV Free Download

moviebox pro android tv

Everyone likes to watch Movie or TV Show from a big screen. Now MovieBox Pro is available for Android TV devices for free. MovieBox Pro is one of the famous applications which can use to download, online watch, offline watch any Movie/TV Show for your device.

It works freely and easily can install for Smartphones & Android TV devices. It is one of the best entertainment source for Android TV users. Millions of AndroidTV Users are already installed Movie Box Pro for their devices and using without any problem.

Movie box Pro Android TV Download Free

moviebox pro apk

Movie Box Pro Android TV Features

  • Movie Box Pro App file is free to download for Android TV devices.
  • High speed download links available here for you.
  • Provide user friendly environment.
  • High quality, high resolution can be selected as user requirement.
  • Don’t need to root or jailbreak your device to install this.
  • Can execute application without your Android smartphone.
  • Nothing to register.
  • Subscription is not required.
  • You can choose different MOVIES/ TV SERIES from wide range of genres.
  • Ads from third parties are not permitted.

MovieBox Pro installing steps for Android TV

You can easily download MovieBox Pro latest version for TV from our official website. It is an amazing Cinema application which can use wide screen of Android TV. In the past few years Movie Box Pro Android TV version was on developing stage.

But in the present it became a reality. Users now can direct download it for their Android TV devices. With Movie Box Pro Android TV Version, users can get their all Movies/TV shows.

Download free MovieBox Pro Android TV here

  • Go to this link and download the appropriate MovieBox Pro Android TV version according to your AndroidTV version.
  • After you download the APK file upload it to your Google Drive account.
  • Then open ES File Explorer on your Android TV.
  • Open the action menu and make your way to Network > Cloud.
  • Tap on the “New “button located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then select the cloud service that you previously used to upload the APK.
  • Log into your cloud account with inserting that e-mail & password belongs to cloud account.
  • All the contents from your cloud storage will be displayed in ES File Explorer.
  • Tap on the MovieBox Pro file and Install it.
  • After the installation is completed, use Sideload Launcher to open MovieBox Pro on your Android TV.

About MovieBox Pro Activation/Invitation Code Free

If you already didn’t install MovieBox Pro then you need to visit our official MovieBox Pro website with clicking here. And follow the instructions to get the MovieBox Pro Activation Code there.

First, type and send a message to [email protected] to get an invitation code for your device. Wait until the invitation code receive for your email and enter the invitation code in your installed app.

Movie Box Pro Premium Version For Android TV

MovieBox Pro VIP premium package also available for a fast and better experience. You can automatically receive an activation code just after a successful registration here. MovieBox Pro is totally safe to use.

It provides a registration facility that helps to protect users as well as App privacy. This version also provide ads free experience with malware protection.

Watch high quality Movie / TV Shows with MovieBox Pro Android TV

Movie Box Pro Android TV file format extension is used to install the Movie Box Pro Android application. These installing procedure on your system will not be any security risk. But modified viruses & malwares can be more trouble, therefore you need to make sure that the website you are using.

You can view hidden files by visiting the “My Documents” folder. You can also check them in the storage folder. Click on the “More “option in the upper right corner and check the prompt message which will provide any hidden files available there.

I hope you have got what you are looking for about MovieBox Pro Android TV after reading this post. Feel free to contact us through the comment section if you have any queries relating to Movie Box Pro Android TV. We highly appreciate your suggestions as well.

Moviebox Pro 2022 Latest Version Update – Download

moviebox pro 2022

Moviebox Pro 2022 – A Movie App unlocks an entertainment portal comprising hours of cinema streaming. It can be your favorite film, show, episode, or even your most loved TV program that you gain access to via such an app. When you hear all these possibilities, you remind services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Disney, and other streaming services.

Yes, they occupy a core position in the mainstream, and most of them provide mobile solutions or clients that you can use to watch and download media content. The above apps are not free solutions and come with periodic renewal subscriptions.

The prices of these commercial apps may disenchant certain users who want free access to their favorite content because they know that there are costless methods to get what they love. Using a free movie app like Moviebox Pro, you can unlock the essence of free streaming. We look at an updated latest version of Moviebox Pro with endless possibilities in this post.

Moviebox Pro Latest App Specification

App NameMoviebox Pro
UpdatedApril 11, 2022
Size84.5 MB
DeveloperMoviebox Team

Get Moviebox Pro for Free Movies and TV Shows

Moviebox Pro enables Android and iOS users to access Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Trailers, and informative content without any subscription fees. The regular version of Moviebox Pro includes all the essential features that you want to indulge in a blissful cinema experience.

There is no need to use your credit card information to register in this app; you can get an invite code and access the app to complete your registration. Apart from Android and iOS versions, Moviebox Pro 2022 supports other platforms such as Windows/Mac PC, Amazon Fire TV, FireStick, Xbox, Roku, MiBox, etc. As you observe, this app is multi-platform compatible and continues to support a variety of devices.

Exciting Features of Moviebox Pro

  • Stream and download the latest Movies, TV Shows, Talk Shows, Trailers, and other entertainment.
  • You can get the most top-rated Movies and TV shows from Moviebox Pro
  • It is possible to access videos in resolutions such as 360p,480p,720p, and 1080p full HD qualities using your smart device, PC, or TV
  • The app works on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, etc.
  • Moviebox Pro doesn’t force you to root your Android or jailbreak your iDevice.
  • Even though the app is entirely free, it has a premium outlook. You will feel that it is on par with most of the subscription-based apps like Netflix
  • You can save your favorite content for later viewing in the app using bookmark tools. It is also possible to share your most-loved content on social media to make them known to others.
  • It comprises a massive library of movies and shows under various genres. This is a place where you can discover your unique taste.
  • Depending on the stability of your internet connection, Moviebox will render a seamless streaming experience for all.
  • The app is regularly updated with the latest media content and also gets app updates for maximum productivity.
  • You can easily customize the user interface and make it appealing to your senses.
  • You can filter content according to year, genre, rating and obtain specific results
  • The inbuilt search tool will further narrow down your approach to locating Movies and TV Shows.
  • You will receive notifications on Movie updates beforehand.
  • Free and VIP versions are available

Junk Movie Apps Vs. Moviebox Pro

Most free Movie Apps don’t deliver what they boast in their advertising and turn out to be useless. You will encounter dozens of such free streaming apps with some fancy details, but it is rare to find a gem like Moviebox Pro.

You will be amazed by how rewarding it is to get this program on your device, as it is feature-rich and versatile. It enables you to enjoy the latest and greatest Cinema content with fast, responsive servers. However, Moviebox doesn’t host media on its servers, and all the links are from safe third-party video hosting services.

Moviebox Pro 2022 app is secure as you can’t access it without an invitation code and google verification. Such safety precautions eliminate fake accounts being created for malicious purposes.

Unbeatable Facilities at Zero Cost

It is home to nearly 20000 daily updating databases of Movie and TV show content. It would be hard not to fall in love with this app, provided the variety of genres in Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Mystery, War, etc. The app is a facilitator of cinema materials for all ages and stereotypes.

Even there is a Child mode prompted by the app, which generates media content appropriate exclusively for a younger audience. You will also find that Moviebox Pro is non-discriminatory for availability for different global regions.

Therefore, you don’t need to use a VPN or a proxy to stream any censored content. This factor beats most commercial streaming platforms that debar users from accessing their services from specific regions.

Moviebox Pro 2022 Latest Update April Features

  1. Fix audio tracks not updated after the next episode issue.
  2. Add clear all search history
  3. Support ‘Delete Account’
  4. Fix RTL Layout

Regular Updates and Multi-Platform Compatibility

Moviebox Pro is very active with updates as the developers of the program release new versions regularly. Due to regulatory conditions, it is not available on either Google Playstore or App Store. Still, you can get the APK or IPA installer from our trusted links and install it on your Android or iDevice.

You can refer to our extensive installation guides on installing it from A-Z. Moviebox Pro is also the first free streaming app to have a PC client available for both Windows and Macintosh OS. It beats other movie apps that rely on emulators to run on PC devices. You can also immerse in a higher visual range by using Moviebox Pro on TV devices. For instance, this app can be used on Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, MiBox, and Smart TVs.

Moviebox Pro VIP Program

Moviebox Pro has an impressive VIP program suitable for all sorts of budgets. There are added benefits of becoming a paid member of the app as it unlocks exclusive features. The facilities include HD content in the form of 720p 1080p 4K and 8K, no commercials inside the program, Dedicated high-speed servers, flexible TV versions, Priority customer support, ORG source, etc.

These plans have flexible pricing options that range from 1.99-to 3.99 USD. It contrasts with the pricing of Premium subscription facilities that sometimes-cost dozens of dollars to achieve the same purpose. You can pay for VIP with multiple payment methods, including credit card/debit card, iGVault, Pay-by friend, and Gift Code. You can choose a single or family plan; the latter permits access to up to five members and four screens.

Moviebox Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is MovieBox Pro free?

A – The regular version of Moviebox Pro is entirely free. You can use the app to stream thousands of movies and TV content without paying a dollar.

Q – Is Moviebox Pro Safe?

A – Moviebox Pro will not harm your device if you download the installer from trusted websites. The app only hosts safe links from third parties, and unverified ones are filtered out.

Q – Is Moviebox Pro legal?

A – This app only hosts videos from third-party sources not affiliated with Moviebox Pro. The legality of the content is the responsibility of the people who host such videos on third-party servers.

Q – Is MovieBox pro shutting down?

A – Moviebox was shut down, and the developers rebooted it under the name of Moviebox Pro. All the new updates are now applicable to Moviebox Pro latest.

Final Thoughts

Unlike a decade ago, when free movie streaming apps were far and few between, we are now confronted with plenty of options to watch content on various devices. Mobile Movie apps facilitate users by being flexible on Android and iDevices.

Moviebox Pro 2022 is one of the best options to watch or download movies if you don’t want to spend much on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO. Movie box Pro also beats other free streaming apps with extensive features.

With constant system updates and daily content updates, Moviebox Pro seems to bind its users tight to the platform. Take this opportunity to entertain yourself on the go with this fantastic Movie app called Moviebox Pro

Moviebox Pro App Download for Apple TV

Free Download Movie Box Pro Apple TV

moviebox pro apple tv

You’re seems to be lucky, if you are going to use MovieBox PRO Apple TV. By using Movie Box PRO on your Apple television, Mac or PC, you may get your all Movies & TV shows at your home. With this post, you can learn the entire method that a way to Moviebox Pro Apple TV version download and install for free.

Moviebox Pro Apple TV Download Free

moviebox pro ios

Everyone knows that Apple monopolized the installation of apps from apple users on their own phones. But you can despite this and can be arranged to install our latest Moviebox Pro versions and continue to use it. Many of them retain functionality.

It can also be used with third-party applications to complete some advanced features. Always keeping touch with our Moviebox Pro website, when there a newer version to install Movie Box Pro we will make it available to you first through our website.

Movie box Pro Compatible Apple TV Devices

MovieBox Pro can run handsomely with Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4 or newer models. If you have any other model instead above, check the matching Movie Box Pro Versions from our official website. Apple TV users don’t need any assistance from smartphone to manipulate applications together with your TV model. They can direct install Movie Box Pro For Apple TV with its latest versions.

Movie Box Pro Apple TV Download Steps

You can directly download or watch online your favorite Movies or TV Series via Movie Box PRO Apple TV version confidently. MovieBox Pro application protected & compatible with many Apple TV devices. MovieBox Pro is well-matched along with your Apple TV model.

Before you’re going to start this technique, keep in your mind a few important steps. Don’t forget to backup your tool. Use the best internet connection and don’t turn off your device till the task was done. This will assist to guard your device against harmful results that might occur whilst the method ongoing.

  • You need to use Mac or Windows PC to install MovieBox Pro to Apple TV.
  • Download the MovieBox Pro IPA file by clicking here to your PC.
  • Then download the app “Apple Configurator 2” on your Mac or PC.
  • After the downloading completed, open “Apple Configurator 2 “to your Mac or PC.
  • Use the screened instructions there and pairing together with your Apple television.
  • Now click the “Add” option and find out the Movie Box Pro Apple TV IPA file from the downloaded place.
  • Then start the installation with following instructions there.
  • After the installation completed, navigate Settings> General> Device Management and verify MovieBox PRO TV.
  • Finally open the MovieBox PRO TV and provide required details to sign in.
  • You can also do that by scanning QR code.

Movie Box Pro Apple TV App Features

  • Can watch unlimited movies & TV shows for free.
  • The user interface of the app is smooth and effortless to navigate.
  • You can select your willing Movie/TV show thru alphabet order.
  • Wide range of genres are available.
  • Download multi-language subtitles.
  • Watch High HD, HD & SD high-quality Movies/TV shows.
  • Huge range of quality variation available for the convenience of the user.
  • Users can watch online Movies/TV suggests or download them for later view.
  • Download content to local storage and watch the same offline without an internet connection.
  • Its own video player is available with enough capability to play all the titles present in the app.
  • Worldwide contents are present in the application without any kind of geographical restrictions.
  • Save your money, time and happiness with Movie Box Pro Apple TV.
  • Follow our easy and complete tutorial guideline to download & use MovieBox PRO for your Apple television.

MovieBox Pro Download Without Jailbreaking

Movie Box Pro can download without jailbreaking your Apple device & Apple TV also. Due to serious problems from jailbreaking devices, most of the apple users doesn’t like that. You can use this entertainment app with or without jailbreaking your devices.

If you need to jailbreak the device, follow the jailbreaking instructions properly or otherwise you have to face some horrible acts. You can use the given direct download link here to successfully download the app to your device. This setup process wants MAC or PC to finish set up. Please continue with our instructions.

Download MovieBox Pro VIP For Apple TV

User have to be a VIP subscriber to install MovieBox Pro VIP on Apple TV. Movie Box Pro VIP is only for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K or newer. Past versions of the devices won’t support the app. As mentioned above VIP version of Movie Box Pro comes with a standalone TV app for Apple TV and you don’t require your iPhone to control it.

When installing the VIP version, you must have regular MovieBox Pro app installed on your iDevice. Then subscribe for the VIP version through the MovieBox Pro free version. Use your Google account and download the “Testflight” app for both on Apple TV and your iPhone. Use the same apple ID to login for both devices. Get the invitation code. Tap on the MovieBox Pro Apple TV version to initiate the installation process.

Moviebox Pro APK Download – Latest Version for Android

Moviebox Pro APK Download – A movie app is a great way to stream movies and TV shows on your Android Device. These mobile apps provide flexibility and the convenience of access that your traditional cable or satellite TV services do not. A Mobile movie app serves entertainment on the go and can also deliver a download facility when you go offline.

moviebox pro apk download

Now there are many movie apps more than ever, and the selection is even more comprehensive. Both paid and free streaming apps dominate the market with highly competitive features. In the realm of free movie apps, Moviebox Pro is an experience you should have at least once. In this post, we unfold everything you need to know about Moviebox Pro APK latest version. 

Moviebox Pro APK Specifications

App TitleMoviebox Pro APK
Latest VersionVersion 11.6
Release Date13/01/2022
File Size86.1 MB
LicenseFree and VIP

Moviebox Pro APK Latest version Download


Enhance your streaming experience

Moviebox pro comes in two versions, Free and VIP. When you get the free Moviebox on your device, you can stream and download an unlimited number of Movie and TV show content. In truth, you are only limited by the hardware resources of your mobile device. The app lets you delve into a sea of media content representing diverse genres. You can search and filter out Movies and shows at your whim. 

A Feature-Rich Platform

With Moviebox, you gain updated access to all the latest tv episodes and Movie releases just like you get them on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The difference here is that the latter services are paid, and the former is free. Moviebox pro delivers standard-quality videos, but you can improve this experience to HD FHD or even 4k by paying a tiny monthly fee. Yes, the VIP version unlocks many other premium features, which we will be discussing later on. 

Killer Features of Moviebox Pro – The reasons to make it your Go-to Movie App

  • The best thing about Moviebox Pro is you can stream and download an unlimited number of movies and TV shows for free. It includes both old and latest movie and tv show content.
  • We cannot produce an exact number of the content available on Moviebox Pro. But the new estimate provides over 23000 Movies and TV shows. This is an ever-green continuous accumulation of media content. 
  • You can expect daily updating videos – Moviebox pro is a robust platform buzzing with activity.
  • Enhanced video downloading experience with GHS CDN network. 
  • All regional restrictions are eliminated – The streamers hate it when they cannot bypass specific media bans due to their location. There are also censorship issues that severely limit the freedom of streaming. However, Moviebox Pro Never lets you get frustrated with geographical limitations again.
  • Create your own movie list and share it with others. You can have your favorite movie TV show episodes listed and customized the way you like them. Show your tastes to others with sharing options.
  • Moviebox pro is compatible with iOS, Android, Apple TV, Smart TV. You can launch Moviebox Pro on your Windows or Mac PC by using an emulator like NoxPlayer.
  • Cheaper premium costs compared to other subscription service providers. The charges are minor as $3.99 per month. 
  • There is no need to jailbreak or root your iPhone or Android device. This app can be installed on your device without affecting the security of your device in any way. There is no Apple ID requirement or difficult installation/sign up requirements. 

Moviebox Pro Latest 2022 January Update

  • Search Filters have been updated with country, content rating, year, genre and sort type for both Movies and TV shows
  • Now Favorites incorporates Add sort by Update
  • Filters for Favorites will be remembered
  • New Content and database updates
  • Bug Fixes and Performance enhancements

Moviebox Pro has a trending video content feature right under the search function. You can explore such content if you ever feel lost about what you should stream on the app. The feature is called the Moviebox Pro Trending list. You also have a TV Guide to assist you with TV episode dates and times so that you never miss a single one of them.

Moviebox Pro FAQ

Is MovieBox Pro safe?

A – The developers stress that the app is relatively safe. They do not process or retain user passwords, and Google thoroughly validates all logins, so there is no risk of user data being hacked. The app does not handle or retain credit card information.

All payments are conducted via trustworthy third-party websites and exclusively through the web (you can see the URL throughout). Because all communication between the APP and our servers is encrypted, operators and governments have no way of knowing what you’ve viewed. Moviebox Pro requests only the most minimal permissions

Is MovieBox Pro free?

A – Moviebox Pro has both a free version and Paid version. You can use the free version for all regular streaming requirements, while the VIP version unlocks some essential features you would not regret paying for.

Is MovieBox Pro still working?

A – Even though there is no official declaration from the makers on the importance of the two applications, MovieBox Pro is widely regarded as the replacement free streaming software for the MovieBox app, which was abruptly cancelled in 2018.

How to request a Movie/TV Show?

A – Please send your submissions through Tickets. The app is aimed chiefly at English users in North America and Europe. Non-English materials are seldom featured unless they are well-known films or television shows.

Final Thoughts

With the Moviebox Pro app, you can satisfy all your free Movie/TV Show streaming requirements. This platform is empowered by an enthusiastic and passionate community of developers and users who steer its success.

One time the Moviebox had to cease its operations due to legal challenges; however, once they were overcome, the app was rebranded as Moviebox Pro and resumed its operations. Its resurrection was possible due to the strong support of the users and the hard work of its creators.

Moviebox Pro is hidden from the mainstream media like other free streaming applications, but the people who know about it greatly value its purpose and existence. The demand for free streaming apps is never dying.

Due to this massive public demand, we can anticipate that the current commercial media model will become demonetized; instead, a different revenue model will replace the void. Until such times, Moviebox Pro is one of the best free streaming apps you can rely on.

Moviebox Pro APK Download for Android TV