Moviebox Pro APK Download – Latest Version for Android

Moviebox Pro APK Download – A movie app is a great way to stream movies and TV shows on your Android Device. These mobile apps provide flexibility and the convenience of access that your traditional cable or satellite TV services do not. A Mobile movie app serves entertainment on the go and can also deliver a download facility when you go offline.

moviebox pro apk download

Now there are many movie apps more than ever, and the selection is even more comprehensive. Both paid and free streaming apps dominate the market with highly competitive features. In the realm of free movie apps, Moviebox Pro is an experience you should have at least once. In this post, we unfold everything you need to know about Moviebox Pro APK latest version. 

Moviebox Pro APK Specifications

App TitleMoviebox Pro APK
Latest VersionVersion 11.6
Release Date13/01/2022
File Size86.1 MB
LicenseFree and VIP

Moviebox Pro APK Latest version Download


Enhance your streaming experience

Moviebox pro comes in two versions, Free and VIP. When you get the free Moviebox on your device, you can stream and download an unlimited number of Movie and TV show content. In truth, you are only limited by the hardware resources of your mobile device. The app lets you delve into a sea of media content representing diverse genres. You can search and filter out Movies and shows at your whim. 

A Feature-Rich Platform

With Moviebox, you gain updated access to all the latest tv episodes and Movie releases just like you get them on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The difference here is that the latter services are paid, and the former is free. Moviebox pro delivers standard-quality videos, but you can improve this experience to HD FHD or even 4k by paying a tiny monthly fee. Yes, the VIP version unlocks many other premium features, which we will be discussing later on. 

Killer Features of Moviebox Pro – The reasons to make it your Go-to Movie App

  • The best thing about Moviebox Pro is you can stream and download an unlimited number of movies and TV shows for free. It includes both old and latest movie and tv show content.
  • We cannot produce an exact number of the content available on Moviebox Pro. But the new estimate provides over 23000 Movies and TV shows. This is an ever-green continuous accumulation of media content. 
  • You can expect daily updating videos – Moviebox pro is a robust platform buzzing with activity.
  • Enhanced video downloading experience with GHS CDN network. 
  • All regional restrictions are eliminated – The streamers hate it when they cannot bypass specific media bans due to their location. There are also censorship issues that severely limit the freedom of streaming. However, Moviebox Pro Never lets you get frustrated with geographical limitations again.
  • Create your own movie list and share it with others. You can have your favorite movie TV show episodes listed and customized the way you like them. Show your tastes to others with sharing options.
  • Moviebox pro is compatible with iOS, Android, Apple TV, Smart TV. You can launch Moviebox Pro on your Windows or Mac PC by using an emulator like NoxPlayer.
  • Cheaper premium costs compared to other subscription service providers. The charges are minor as $3.99 per month. 
  • There is no need to jailbreak or root your iPhone or Android device. This app can be installed on your device without affecting the security of your device in any way. There is no Apple ID requirement or difficult installation/sign up requirements. 

Moviebox Pro Latest 2022 January Update

  • Search Filters have been updated with country, content rating, year, genre and sort type for both Movies and TV shows
  • Now Favorites incorporates Add sort by Update
  • Filters for Favorites will be remembered
  • New Content and database updates
  • Bug Fixes and Performance enhancements

Moviebox Pro has a trending video content feature right under the search function. You can explore such content if you ever feel lost about what you should stream on the app. The feature is called the Moviebox Pro Trending list. You also have a TV Guide to assist you with TV episode dates and times so that you never miss a single one of them.

Moviebox Pro FAQ

Is MovieBox Pro safe?

A – The developers stress that the app is relatively safe. They do not process or retain user passwords, and Google thoroughly validates all logins, so there is no risk of user data being hacked. The app does not handle or retain credit card information.

All payments are conducted via trustworthy third-party websites and exclusively through the web (you can see the URL throughout). Because all communication between the APP and our servers is encrypted, operators and governments have no way of knowing what you’ve viewed. Moviebox Pro requests only the most minimal permissions

Is MovieBox Pro free?

A – Moviebox Pro has both a free version and Paid version. You can use the free version for all regular streaming requirements, while the VIP version unlocks some essential features you would not regret paying for.

Is MovieBox Pro still working?

A – Even though there is no official declaration from the makers on the importance of the two applications, MovieBox Pro is widely regarded as the replacement free streaming software for the MovieBox app, which was abruptly cancelled in 2018.

How to request a Movie/TV Show?

A – Please send your submissions through Tickets. The app is aimed chiefly at English users in North America and Europe. Non-English materials are seldom featured unless they are well-known films or television shows.

Final Thoughts

With the Moviebox Pro app, you can satisfy all your free Movie/TV Show streaming requirements. This platform is empowered by an enthusiastic and passionate community of developers and users who steer its success.

One time the Moviebox had to cease its operations due to legal challenges; however, once they were overcome, the app was rebranded as Moviebox Pro and resumed its operations. Its resurrection was possible due to the strong support of the users and the hard work of its creators.

Moviebox Pro is hidden from the mainstream media like other free streaming applications, but the people who know about it greatly value its purpose and existence. The demand for free streaming apps is never dying.

Due to this massive public demand, we can anticipate that the current commercial media model will become demonetized; instead, a different revenue model will replace the void. Until such times, Moviebox Pro is one of the best free streaming apps you can rely on.

Moviebox Pro APK Download for Android TV